Ice Breakers

Ping Pong Tennis

Category : Games
Make two teams if for a home-cell, if it's a larger group make teams of ten and really it out for the winner. Make two lines with tape parallel 15cm appart on the floor. e.g. Then let the participants lie down on their tummy's face behind the line. Then throw in the pin pong ball and they must blow the ball over the opisite teams line for a point. First team to reach set amount of points win. No part of the body is allowed to go over the line

Guess the Phrase

Category : Games
Cut out random phrases from magazines like ?3 weeks later? , ?your dreams explained?, ?my worst nightmare? and hand them round to everybody so no-one sees what each other have got. Everyone then has 30 seconds to describe their day using the phrase somewhere in what they say, without making it too obvious. Everyone else has the guess what the phrase was?

Musical Chairs

Category : Action
Have one less seat than the amount of people playing. Start playing the music and stop it suddenly - this works best if you stop it in the middle of nowhere and not in an obvious place. Everyone but one person will end up with a seat. Repeat the whole thing until only one person is left - the winner. This works well in a lounge setting too - you can put magazines on couches to denote the seats taken - it also forces people to think a bit more. Great, great fun as you see big, burly guys pushing ladies out of the way to get their seat. And an icebreaker that has proved very effective for many years.

Straight or Crossed

Category : Games
Sit in a circle. Take a shoebox and have someone in the group put an "x" anywhere on the box, and hand it back to you. Now, explain to the people in the group that there are two ways you can receive the box and two ways to pass the box. Those two ways are either "crossed" or straight". The person in charge starts by saying he has the box straight or crossed, and then he passes it either straight or crossed. The people in the group will be concentrating on the x that was put on the box to try to determine how they receive and pass the box, but in reality, it has nothing to do with the game. Having the box straight or crossed only has to do with wheither or not your legs are crossed or not crossed (straight). For example, if someone passes the box to me and my legs are crossed, I would say "I have it crossed." If I leave my legs crossed when I pass the box, I would then say "I am passing it crossed". If I uncross my legs before passing the box I would say "I am passing it Str! aight". The game goes on until everyone in the group figures it out. Everyone time it comes back to the leader, he can cross or uncross his/her legs more dramatically, thus helping the ones who are still concentrated on the x on the box. This could take a while, but it is fun.

U is for Unique

Category : Games
Have each member write down three random letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper. Then, explain to them that they must come up with three unique things about themselves that start with the letters they wrote down. For example, if someone wrote A, H, and L, for A they could reveal they have vacationed in Atlanta... for H, maybe that they have gone Horseback riding... and for L that their uncle is a Lumberjack. This was a great way to prompt discussion in our relatively new cell, plus we got to learn a little bit about each other. We went around the room three times, each person revealing one unique fact about themselves each time. Sometimes we had to stretch the letter association (like, for C, someone thought of a random Conevention they had been to once), but it was an overall fun time.

How's Yours?

Category : Games
Someone exits the room while the rest of the group decides on an object or thing to describe (e.g. nose, job, mother, car). The person is brought back to the group and asks individuals the question, "How's yours?". People answer in short phrases (for instance, for nose: "It's right before my eyes. It's stuffy. It's hairy. It's pointed.") and the guesser tries to identify the object or thing. It's harder than you think especially if the answers are deceptive.


Category : Funny
You will need a banana for each of your teams (about 4-5 per team), for some odds and ends you can use cocktail sticks, bits of fabric, lentils, peas etc. Basically the point of the game is to make your own person using a banana and the items you have been given, you must give it a personality and a style, at the end of the allotted time, one member of your team must tell everyone else about your banana person, what it likes, it's name and what it does etc.

International Animal Sounds

Category : Games
When different countries are being represented by your guests, ask them to use their language to represent an animal sound without identifying the type of animal. The other members attempt to identify the animal. For example: Americans say "Cock-a'doodle do" for a rooster while Germans say "Ki-Kiri-Ki."

Beanie Bonanza

Category : Games
Beanie Bonanza: want to do something fun with that big box of old beanie babies? Line up the beanies so the last letter of one is first letter of the next. So alligator, rabbit, tiger, rooster, rattle snake, elephant, etc (maybe 20). Write down your list. Hide the beanies. Divide the cell into teams. Provide the first animal and have teams successively guess the next. If they guess coreectly, throw them the previous beanie and put out the one they named. Whoever has the most beanies collected in the end wins. Great for older kids and relevant to creation or Noah or animal related stories.

Slap Happy

Category : Games
Sit around a table place palms on table overlapping neighbors. Going around the circle, hands must be slapped on the table in the order they appear. When a player slaps twice quickly the order is reversed. A hand played out of turn is out and play continues until the last two hands remain.
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