Pastoral Care

Within the home cell, Body of Christ life becomes evident in the lifestyle of those committed to cell life. Pastoral care starts in the home cell where the Cell Leaders function as first line pastoral caregivers to their cell community.

Cell Leaders are trained and equipped to deal with their cell community and develop interpersonal relationships to meet whatever needs that may arise. Everyone in home cells becomes accountable to each other. This creates a Kingdom of God culture that has no barriers.

Pastoral Team

Senior Pastors Harold & Maud Weitsz
Pastors Louis & Doortjie Begemann
Pastor Theuns & Karin Blom
Pastor Stephen & Sharon Lamprecht
Pastor George & Augustha Brandon
Pastor Hugo & Hesta Fourie
Pastor Lawrence & Pricilla Delport
Pastor Toerien & Elize Begemann
Pastor Wesley & Marie Watson (Music Director)
Pastor Johan & Laetitia Marx
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